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Malena! Simply adorable and nearly perfect.  Well, all babies are perfect in my opinion but what I'm trying to say is that Malena was an absolute delight to work with. 

Her family had contacted me in the early months of pregnancy and hired me to photograph their entire journey from Pregnancy through 1 year Smash Cake Portrait Session.  I'll be photographing her again as a 6 month sitter...those images will be posted here soon.  I'm always blown away at how fast my teeny baby clients grow into little people! I can't wait.

Malena - 5 Days




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There is something to be said for sincere clients that value your creative efforts and the art behind your work.  Simply put, Christy and her family were lovely in every way. 

When clients are prepared and do their homework, their heart is invested and they value the gift that you as the artist and hired professional are providing them with. Expectations are aligned and sessions become what feels effortlessly seamless. Some may refer to it as work, but this "work" becomes fun and allows creativity to make its "Grand Entrance".  When four of your little clients are all under the age of 6, this undoubtedly becomes everything!

Thanks so much Christy and family for the wonderful opportunity.  Working with your entire family, Grandma and Auntie included, was truly a lovely experience.  I can't wait for sweet Hyacinth's next milestone!

Oh happy day :)