Maternity Photography

Studio Newborn Art Session by Los Angeles Maternity and Newborn Photography | V. Kendal Photography

Malena! Simply adorable and nearly perfect.  Well, all babies are perfect in my opinion but what I'm trying to say is that Malena was an absolute delight to work with. 

Her family had contacted me in the early months of pregnancy and hired me to photograph their entire journey from Pregnancy through 1 year Smash Cake Portrait Session.  I'll be photographing her again as a 6 month sitter...those images will be posted here soon.  I'm always blown away at how fast my teeny baby clients grow into little people! I can't wait.

Malena - 5 Days





A sneak peak at our recent studio makeover in our Los Angeles Portrait Studio.  Plus a glimpse at a magical pregnancy photography session.

More photographs from this shoot will follow soon.  These were just too good not to share!
By: V. Kendal Photography 

"Capturing the Beauty of Pregnancy through Photographs" 


Newborn & Maternity Photography by Valerie Kendal for Lori Dorman

Many of you may or may not know, but for over a year now I have been freelancing for the premier children’s photographer, Lori Dorman.  I thought it was finally time to come out and share what I do for her.

While the direction of V. Kendal Photography continues to grow into a successful Wedding and Childrens/ Family Portrait Photography business, my focus within Lori's studio is capturing the precious moments of Newborn and Maternity clients exclusively.

It's been and still is such an honor working along her side.  Her technique and tricks of the trade have have opened a new world of photography to me and has ultimately made my imagery stronger than ever.  I am so grateful!  She is a huge inspiration in my world on the road to creative success.

Feel free to swing by and check out my portfolio (click here Lori Dorman Photography - Valerie Portfolio) on her site and see what I've been up to.

If you are interested in booking a maternity or newborn session with me, please contact the studio and we’ll fill you in on all the details!

Cheers to living out your dreams and and loving every minute of it!