Studio Newborn Art Session by Los Angeles Maternity and Newborn Photography | V. Kendal Photography

Malena! Simply adorable and nearly perfect.  Well, all babies are perfect in my opinion but what I'm trying to say is that Malena was an absolute delight to work with. 

Her family had contacted me in the early months of pregnancy and hired me to photograph their entire journey from Pregnancy through 1 year Smash Cake Portrait Session.  I'll be photographing her again as a 6 month sitter...those images will be posted here soon.  I'm always blown away at how fast my teeny baby clients grow into little people! I can't wait.

Malena - 5 Days





When Thea and Danial initially hired me to shoot their boys double birthday party at the Jonathan Beach Club -Santa Monica, CA., she wanted to make sure that we would be able to also capture a few "traditional" photos of her family.

Because I'm confident in my ability to work with children of all ages, even during those category 4 toddler meltdowns - I assured her that what she wanted could be done in a short amount of time (about 10-15 minutes), and I'd happily capture those pre-party moments before her guests arrive.

I can't begin to tell you how often I hear my clients say, "we don't have any photos of our family," or "all we need are a few good shots for holiday cards."  Trust me....I get it!  With parents busier than ever and the evolution of the smartphones, it's likely not on your radar...that is until the you actually need it. This my friends is one reason why the holidays are most children and family photographers busiset time of year!

My thoughts are actually quite simple, as much as I enjoy the personal and unique nature of creating a custom shoot for my clients, there's a time and place for everything...including both "traditional" and "on-the-go" photo ops.   

Maybe you hired us to shoot a milestone Birthday Party OR perhaps to document your daughter's Bat Mitzfah, whatever type of collection you've purchased with us, clients can always rest assured that I will put them first, asking that we set aside some time for an impromptu freestyle/pre-party capture with those you love most.

With the holiday season upon us, I will be holding several on-location Los Angeles mini-sessions this season. Mini Sessions the straight forward alternative to our more traditional photography sessions. 

Details will be announced within the coming weeks. Be sure to stay close and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more. We'll be sure to fill you in quicker than you can say monkey!

Until this super cute family and take a look at just how much fun we can have during an impromptu family photo session.


A sneak peak at our recent studio makeover in our Los Angeles Portrait Studio.  Plus a glimpse at a magical pregnancy photography session.

More photographs from this shoot will follow soon.  These were just too good not to share!
By: V. Kendal Photography 

"Capturing the Beauty of Pregnancy through Photographs" 


100 Day Birthday Celebration | The Montage Hotel | Beverly Hills, CA by V. Kendal Photography

What an honor to have been chosen to document Sweet Arielle's 100 Day Birthday Celebration! 

The delightful afternoon tea took place at the Montage Hotel - Beverly Hills, this summer and was at the hands of the incredibly talented Maryam Forutan with Delicate Details.

This seriously gorgeous celebration was filled with love (and delicious treats), that were truly fit for one-special little girl...and that is Arielle!