Santa Ynez Inn

Santa Ynez Wine Country Wedding Photography - Miriam & Trey: Married

Up until I met Miriam & Trey, I thought nobody could love Santa Ynez as much as I do.  Tee hee..."I Do." I mean it's only in my bio and those that know me know that I love my wine and everything that surrounds it...Ha!

Miriam...a beautiful gal with an adorable southern accent from N. Carolina...and Trey a native Texan,  hired me to tag along and join their weekend wine country retreat. It truly was a retreat.  It's always fun when a couple invites you to join in on all the festivities...I mean I stayed for the after hour.

The ceremony took place at the charming Santa Ynez Inn, a boutique hotel in Santa Barbara Wine Country, which was followed by a celebration of love and fun at the Santa Ynez Valley Historical Museum. 

There are far too many images that I love that are filled with memories of that weekend to blog in one post...stay tuned for Pt. 2 of their wedding soon...