Griffith Park

Family Portrait Session Re-Cap....We Are Family


This is Part I of a III Part series that I will be posting over the next few weeks (maybe months).

I photographed nearly 50 families and couples, so you could imagine how many photos I would love to share.  Your computer would hate me if I did it in one post.  So as we move quickly through fall and into the holiday season, I thought I'd share. 

Much of my summer was spent down in the South Bay (Manhattan Beach Pier to be specific) and around town at one of my local favorites - Travel Town.  Actually...there will be a bigger blog post on many of these in the future. There is so much more to these than just one frame.  Many of the locations of these shoots were spread throughout the Greater Los Angeles area including Pasadena,  Beverly Hills and the Westside.

Thanks to all who booked with me over the summer.  You've keep me quite busy and I've enjoyed every minute of it!

Oh...and those who aren't featured in this post, not to assured I will get to you.  I promise ;)