Rustic Bride & Groom - The Old Place & Cornell Winery

When Michelle & Mark reached out to me to shoot their unique day, I was thrilled.  Both are incredibly artistic and creative which was the perfect make-up for such an amazing day.  Lucky for me, Michelle gave me an idea and I ran with it.

Our first stop was Cornell Winery and The Old Place.   Cornell Winery is a tasting room and wine shop that showcases local wines from around the area.  It's also neighbors with The Old Place - a roadhouse/ steakhouse/ one-stop-grub-shop off of Mulholland Hwy in Cornell (just off of Malibu Canyon). It's weathered rustic boards, porches and walls filled with vintage memorabilia are all elements that we wanted to incorporate into our could imagine how thrilled I was when Tim gave me the thumbs-up to shoot on-location.

After we wrapped up our session at The Old Place we drove down the road and ended up at our final destination, Paramount Ranch.

Thank you Tim and all the staff at The Old Place and Cornell Winery for letting me poke around for the day.  You guys are the best!

Michelle and Mark - what can I guys are amazing!  Much love to you both and congratulations on your new life together.

Make-Up: Casey Embry
Hair: Christina Choi
Mark's Suit: Vivienne Westwood
Michelle's Dress: Vintage piece from 60's